Saturday, October 23, 2010

In the end it's all about the Culture

The personal income tax and the Car Tax - The Bucket Thing if you have to compete with Dollars in your pocket MR Client - These are YOUR Dollars in our System

The financial system has to be reconfigured the market tried but the government stepped in now it will be configured by competitive forces - SMW - KICK YOUR ASS

The Modular world if u focus on your core compency and improve it you will get better typing etc blen beck you will find what you are looking for if the antenna is up

Thriving on Chaos

The banks & brokers are not only 20years behind the curve they are literally trapped in the wrong model with the wrong people in the wrong places - Competition

To move five billion would be leaving the motherload on the table the math is asymmetrical and this is the biggest movment of money ever and there is no competition it's literally SUPERMARKETSWEEP.


Five years - Ec should be at the Center of the Financial Universe/ Just expand the Culture and the infrastructure and the revenue will follow...Walk into the void of morality and ethics

Evercore the greatest asset is the culture - The Rise of glenn beck

Forget about Goldman sacks, Merrill lynch, it's Phony Finance subsidized by the government the model doesn't work it doesn't evolve all the value goes out the back door it's a vacuum cleaner

Main & Wall the distribution Channel Build your own pipes stamp This out a starbucks, it's modular

Have a llot a "wall streeT" talent doing the right thing - a breath a fresh air

At the center of this organization is a culture and commitment and that will never change

You can buy revenue but you can't buy culture it evolves organically

dean witter/merrill lynch not as bad as the rest/ smith barney and JR Ewing

go right at em it's not a marketing ploy it is who you are/ and it's not that we want to say we are better but don't like being painted with the same brush.

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